Catherine de Medici Debate

Surprise de Meux - bad decision by Catherine

Catherine herself triggered the Surprise de Meux, which so altered Catherine's policy, in some ways. Alba was marching through France with a large army on a campaign to put down the Dutch rebels this posed threat to France's security. Catherine desponded by raising a force of 6,00 Swiss mercenaries. The Huguenots worried that they were there to suppress religious liberty, although she assured them they were not they became extremely unsettled and decided to attack before they were first attacked, hence the Surprise de Meux. Of course other factors are key but this was a massive blunder of Catherine's.


That is hardly her fault her first priority was to protect her country she couldn’t really have known that The Huguenots would have got so freaked that they would have attacked her.

Liam - London

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