Catherine de Medici Debate

Catherine the black legend

Although the black legend Catherine has become is often unfair to her all available evidence suggests she was party to the decision taken on 23rd August to exterminate the Huguenot leadership. This means although not the only one she did cause the massacre of Bartholomew in a direct way. It was also Catherine who organised the assassination of Admiral Clingy, which sparked the massacre. It was easy for her to get the Guises in on it since they were fierce Catholics and hated the Huguenots, but it was her plan originally.


It is stupid if any one denies that Catherine played a huge part in the massacre, she most probably organised the whole thing!

Imogen - London

There is no evidence for this though imogen. She may just be a completely innocent victim, and people like yourself make her out to be a villain!

Judith - Essex

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