I am a student, called Anna, and I am currently living in Cheltenham. I am in my last year of school and I am working hard towards my A- level exams. I am considered a charismatic, creative and capable person and I enjoy the company of others. I hope to someday go into a line of work where I can use these qualities, such as politics, or media.


I am currently studying at Cheltenham Ladies College. I have worked hard throughout my education and happily achieved high grades. I am studying History, Politics and Religious studies and achieved pleasing results in my AS exams. This summer I have been busy reading and traveling across Europe gathering background information for my EPQ. I have passionate interest for The French Wars of Religion and I have chosen Catherine DeMedici as the focus of my EPQ. I am a keen and determined worker and look forward to going to university to continue studying History.

Activities and interests

Alongside history, my other interests include music, film, reading, and writing. In my school I have taken part in many public speaking and debating competitions. I love discovering different cultures and being immersed in my own. Recently I had the opportunity to go on a film-writing course in Arvon. It was lead by Pawel Pawlikowski who wrote and directed the film “My Summer of Love”. I enjoyed every minute of the course and was fortunate enough to finish writing my own play.

Independent historical study has always been one of my favorite things to do. Last year I read the book “Catherine de Medici” by Leoine Freida. I found it so interesting that I started to research more on the topic. This is what founded my interest for French Wars of Religion. I then decided to do an EPQ on the subject and chose the question “Was Catherine de Medici a good ruler?” as my heading. I have only just started gathering information for it and found my trip to France this summer particularly useful and enjoyable.


I find that every place I travel to has its own history and culture. On holidays I find myself daydreaming about the events and scandalous that could have happened in every town I visit. Every monument I see has a story behind it, providing endless inspiration. A few years ago I went to Berlin to study World War Two. I visited the concentration camps and numerous museums and found it incredibly emotional and at the same time fascinating. I have seen Rome and fell in love with the abundance of history, atmosphere, buildings and culture. I am planning a trip to St Petersburg in October. I read about the siege of Leningrad and studied World War Two at GCSE level and have found myself become increasingly interested the subject.



Reading List

Work Experience

Cheltenham Literature Festival: Worked at the performing arts centre at Cheltenham ladies college during the festival - looked after the writers/speakers and assisted with the setting up of events.

Arctic watch (Canada): Summer 2009: Assisting the owner and other staff with a number of tasks including preparing food for the guests and cleaning.

Barnsley hill farm: The property had a open day and I provided tours for interested buyers.

Storyteller restaurant: Worked as a waitress for a few weeks in the Christmas holidays and worked a number of special evenings including Valentines day.